Duck Cuddle Lagoon

Duck Tuttle Lagoon

Giftbox Lagoon

Socks Dancing Feet Lagoon

Giftbox Swaddle with Crown teether

Duck Cuddle Pink

Duck Cuddle Blue

Duck Cuddle Grey

Duck Tuttle Pink

Duck Tuttle Blue

Duck Tuttle Grey

Duck Rattle Soft Pink

Duck Rattle Soft Blue

Duck Rattle Soft Grey

Tuttle Pink

Tuttle Blue

Tuttle Ivory

Giftbox Knitted Hat and Rattle

Giftbox Who Needs Sleep

Giftbox Grey

Giftbox Pink

Giftbox Blue

Ball Heart Pink

Ball Star Blue

Ball Crown Grey

Tuttle Ivory, Crown Blue + Soother

Pacifier Clip Heart

Pacifier Clip Star

Pacifier Clip Crown

Tuttle Ivory, Crown Pink + Soother

Rattle Socks

Socks 'Dancing Feet' White

Socks 'Dancing Feet' Blue

Socks 'Dancing Feet' Pink

Socks Star, Heart, Crown

Blue Rubber Duck

Pink Rubber Duck

Ivory Rubber Duck

Pink Pacifier Clip Heart

Blue Pacifier Clip Star

Grey Pacifier Clip Crown

Musical Box Duck Pink

Musical Box Duck Blue

Snowglobe Boys Cake

Snowglobe Girls Cake

Snowglobe Cradle

Hook Crown

Hook Star

Hook Coach

Wooden Duck Rattle

Wooden Crown Rattle

Wooden Labyrinth (12m+)

Musical Duck Carroussel

Roll Rattle

Table Rattle


Wobbly Stacker (12m+)

Wooden ABC blocks (12m+)

Wooden Duck on Wheels

Wood Block Box white (12m+)

Wooden Nesting Blocks

Count me in' white (12m+)

Musical Crown

Duckling Cuddle

Duckling Rattle

Prince Rattle (tot einde voorraad)

Duckling Musical

Duckling Tuttle

Bath Book

Bath Foamset 6 pcs

Bath Time

Duck Mood Light

Cubus round the world

Soft Book The World is your Playground (tot einde voorraad)

First Hairlock Box

First Tooth Box

Picture Frame

Music Jewelry Box

Crown Moneybank

Picture Frame Crown White

Silver plated Duck Moneybank



Silver Fork, Knife, Spoon

Foot/handprint Silver Plated

Silver Plated Rattle

Sleeping Bag Jacquard

Changing Mat Cover

Water Bottle Cover


Suit All I want is everything S 50/56

Suit Who needs Sleep S 50/56

Hat "I'm a star"

Hat "perfect "

Hat " it started with a kiss"

Hat ' I am a girl'

Hat "Bad Hair Day"

Hat I am a boy

Giftbox Bath set Washcloth and Shampoo & Wash

Giftbox Wash & Shampoo and Bodylotion

Horn, light colour

Horn, dark colour

Gift bag Brush, Comb

Bambam Soother Set/2 0-3 months

Crown Teether

Star Teether

Rubber teether

Hooded Towel White Jacquard

Diaper Clutch Jacquard

Bathrobe Silver S (50/56)

Bathrobe Silver M (62/68)

Bathrobe Silver L (74/80)

Hooded Towel

Hotel Slippers

Giftbox Bath

Giftbox Bad Hair Day

Giftbox Wellness

Giftbox with 5 pairs of Socks

Socks 'These feet are made for walking'

Giftbox Plaster tin with Socks

Passport Set

Football Silver

Foot/Hand Print

100% cotton baby sheet

100% cotton baby blanket


My Royal Dinner Bib

Dinner Party Bib

Giftbox Dinner Time

Ceramic Spoons (tot einde voorraad )

Ceramic Cup

Ceramic Bowl + Spoon

Bowl with sucker

Royal Dinner Set

Table Manners - Fork/Spoon

Heart Necklace with sound in giftbox

Heart Necklace

Wooden Letters (niet deelbaar)

Wooden Letters White (niet deelbaar)

Keep sake cards

Keep sake boxes (3 sizes)

Photobook Girl

Photobook Boy

Display Necklace

Display Set 1 High & 1 Low

Display Stick

Bathrobe Stand

Display Pacifier Clip

Display Cube 15 x 15 cm

Display Bib

Logo Bambam Acrylic

Bambam Giftbag Small 18 x 27 cm

Bambam Giftbag Large 27 x 43 cm

Duck Rattle Lagoon

Letter Display

Wooden Maracas Grey (+18m)

Wooden Maracas Lagoon (+18m)

Wooden Maracas Pink (+18m)

Booty Grey

Grey Elephant in giftbox

Grey Elephant tuttle in giftbox

Booty Lagoon

Football Lagoon

Lagoon Elephant in giftbox

Lagoon Elephant Tuttle in giftbox

Booty Pink

Football Pink

Pink Elephant in giftbox

Pink Elephant Tuttle in giftbox

Hand/Foot print Lagoon

Picture Frame + ink in giftbox

White picture frame Elephant in giftbox

Lagoon picture frame Elephant in giftbox

Suitcase Elephant large

Suitcase Lamb medium

Suitcase Rabbit small

Wooden mobile in giftbox

Wooden postcards in displaybox

Hook Elephant in giftbox

Hook Lamb in giftbox

Hook Rabbit in giftbox